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MHC For Students

Medical Health Centers provides students with the finest hands-on US clinical rotations.

Student Highlights

Our clinical program will build a strong foundation in clinical medicine knowledge and prepare future physicians for success in the annual Residency Match.

ACGME Clinical Rotations

Flexible Scheduling

Weekly start dates for cores and electives


Medical Health Centers provides students with the finest hands-on US clinical rotations which advances their Residency applications and increases their overall chance of matching after graduation. We ensure all of our rotations are ACGME Accredited/Greenbook, so you know you are getting the best possible training to succeed. 

Our hands-on clinical rotations provide an opportunity to earn performance-based LOR’s that will reflect your true experience, and not just an observational perspective, making it more valuable to Program Directors. Hands on clinical rotations build confidence, improve communication skills, and foster personal and professional growth. As an added bonus, your resume/CV will look fantastic.


Other services Medical Health Centers offers.

We provide Visa Letters to students to allow them in the US to obtain the proper clinical experience needed to become an exemplary physician.

MHC staff guides the students every step of the way and are willing to answer any questions the students have.

We offer licensure paperwork for students applying for Residency to take that burden off the student.

Medical liability insurance coverage referrals for independent students who need to find Malpractice insurance.

CV & Personal Statement review/revision services (up to 2 total edits) and one complimentary residency consultation call.

Referral services for more consultation advice, if needed, housing referrals and guidance.



Hear what our students have to say.
  • Their staff have been absolutely helpful, approachable and responsive to my career questions and ideas and helped to direct me to the best physicians to work with to get the best exposure, experience and stellar letters of reference. They have access to a variety of preceptors with varying types of work schedules, heavy and less so. This provides options for students that may wish to lean more heavily on some types of rotations and electives, and then pull back exposure and focus on book studying for other rotations that are of lower priority. This flexibility allows you to plan out the last 2 years of medical school to maximally prepare for step exams and a career after the medical degree is over.

    I would not hesitate to recommend MHC to future students for rotations and elective planning.

    Gary O.
  • "I just wanted to thank you for helping me schedule all of my core rotations. MHC and Shelly, in particular, placed me in the best clinical rotations any medical student would hope to receive. As a Caribbean medical graduate, I was always worried about my clinical training and experience. I completed 5 core rotations with MHC and all of them were great. MHC helped me to get trained under top physicians who are graduates from name hospitals and schools in Chicago and in the country. Shelly was always very professional, organized and ready to work with me finding the best rotations that fit my schedule. She went above and beyond to help place me into OBGYN with a doctor whose schedule is always full. I am beyond grateful. Thank you.

    Samer A.

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