Hear what our students and partners have to say.
  • As a medical student, especially being an IMG, we are confronted with lots of challenges and the support system that you have in this journey plays an important role in guiding you towards your goal of becoming a good physician. I can say, MHC has been by my side every step of the way, guiding me and allowing me to take rotations and placements that would provide me with the knowledge I need in medicine in general and my specific field of interest. The staff at MHC has always been very approachable and easy to reach for guidance and they make sure the placements are guided towards your passion and interest. I would like to thank MHC for guiding me throughout my third and fourth-year rotations and I strongly recommend them to anyone who is seeking GOOD rotations that would provide them with knowledge and experience that they can take with them in future practice.

    Mehran Mortazavi - Saint James School of Medicine; June 2022
  • Dear MHC,

    I hope all is going well on your end.

    It is with great pleasure to announce that I have been offered a position to train in New Jersey for General Surgery Residency (Categorical). These next 5 years are going to be difficult, but the training I obtained during my General and Vascular Surgery electives gave me the confidence to pursue my dream, and now my dream has come true. I cannot thank you enough for believing in me and presenting me with the wonderful opportunity to pursue the electives back in September, October. I felt so lost when I arrived in Chicago, but you believed in me and gave me the chance to complete these electives, and I owe so much of my success to you. Thank you so much!

    Christopher Poznan

    University of Medical Sciences

    Doctor of Medicine Program, 4MD

    Christopher Poznan; April 2022
  • I have received my full and unrestricted NYS license. Choosing MHC was one of the best medical school moves I have made. I don't believe this licence would have been even close to being attainable without your help. I am extremely grateful for all your assistance!

    Joseph Michaels; November 2021
  • As a recently matched graduate, I am so grateful for the outstanding opportunities for rotations I received through MHC. I know that I would not have achieved this goal without their support and guidance. They worked with me throughout both my cores and electives to ensure that I received quality rotations to prepare me for PGY I. I always received prompt, professional and helpful guidance from the doctor and all her staff. If you are looking for an organization that works for you I recommend MHC. To all the staff at MHC, thank you for making my dream become a reality!

    Tina Stanco; 2020
  • MHC, the doctor and her overtly competent staff have been involved with my medical education on a multitude of levels. i) During medical school I was able to obtain Greenbook rotations with knowledgeable physicians who prepared me for the life of a resident. I was exposed to evidence based medicine lectures, many hours of patient exposure with a variety of pathologies and able to complete valuable procedures such as suturing, speculum examinations, intubations and even a chest tube insertion prior to starting residency. ii) Post-residency I was once again able to obtain valuable assistance from MHC to obtain licensure in NY State. MHC has been there with me from the start, never left my side and made sure I was able to achieve my goals. Reliability, consistency and efficiency - that is something you simply can't put a price on.

    F.D., January 7, 2019
  • I just wanted to reach out to you and MHC to let you know how wonderful the Interventional Radiology rotation was. My plan is to pursue Family Medicine and this rotation so suited my education on the newest technology in treating some of the most common arterial and vein issues that I have seen daily on rotations and will always continue to be an issue for the Family Physician. The skills learned in assessment and diagnosing patients accurately then following through with the treatment plan was amazing.

    I know many of our students will not appreciate this rotation, but the preceptor has so much knowledge and he truly has a gift with students and education. The preceptor has invited me to return for future training after graduation and licensure in vein procedures that I will be able to provide as a family physician, and wishing to practice in a very rural setting this will be a game changer and improve the quality of life for many patients.

    So please pass along that I am a very happy and a pleased student with how MHC has treated me and placed me in some of the best rotations I could have ever had. Thank you so much.

    A.D., December 20, 2018
  • I just wanted to thank you for helping me schedule all of my core rotations. MHC and Shelly, in particular, placed me in the best clinical rotations any medical student would hope to receive. As a Caribbean medical graduate, I was always worried about my clinical training and experience. I completed 5 core rotations with MHC and all of them were great. MHC helped me to get trained under top physicians who are graduates from name hospitals and schools in Chicago and in the country. Shelly was always very professional, organized and ready to work with me finding the best rotations that fit my schedule. She went above and beyond to help place me into OBGYN with a doctor whose schedule is always full. I am beyond grateful. Thank you.

    S.A., July 23, 2018
  • I'm a medical student that did core rotations through MHC. I'm incredibly satisfied with the assistance and quality of the rotations offered by them. From the beginning, they were incredibly helpful in getting me the best electives with the best physicians to get great letters for the specialists I was interested in. Even better, they were able to get me core rotations in hospitals with direct feeders into IMG friendly programs that I could apply for a residency position for when the time came. Several of my rotations I had colleagues from the big 4 Caribbean medical schools so I felt confident that my training was on par to these other highly competitive Caribbean medical schools.

    Their staff have been absolutely helpful, approachable and responsive to my career questions and ideas and helped to direct me to the best physicians to work with to get the best exposure, experience and stellar letters of reference. They have access to a variety of preceptors with varying types of work schedules, heavy and less so. This provides options for students that may wish to lean more heavily on some types of rotations and electives, and then pull back exposure and focus on book studying for other rotations that are of lower priority. This flexibility allows you to plan out the last 2 years of medical school to maximally prepare for step exams and a career after the medical degree is over.

    I would not hesitate to recommend MHC to future students for rotations and elective planning.

    Gary O., September 15, 2018
  • I just wanted to thank you and the MHC staff for all of your hard work and helping me schedule my clinical rotations. I had such a wonderful experience with my family rotation, I would recommend to anyone looking for help scheduling rotations to contact medical health centers. They have a great staff that helps you every step of the way and are truly there to help you. I also really enjoyed my family medicine doctor. He made my rotation a memorable experience. I couldn’t thank you enough. I am truly grateful.

    N.A., 2016
  • I can’t thank Medical Health Centers enough. I have completed multiple clinical rotations with MHC and it is without a doubt a wonderful experience. The staff and the doctors are great. I just finished my Internal Medicine rotation and I would recommend the doctor I had to anyone. What I really like is that MHC’s has a staff that works with you from start to finish. The clinical coordinator was such a big help and she made my rotation process that much easier. The level of communication Medical Health Centers has remarkable. Thank you so much!

    S.N., 2015
  • I am currently a senior Internal Medicine resident and prior to beginning my internship in 2011, I completed 2 years of clinical rotations arranged by Medical Health Centers. I have witnessed many medical students struggling with their clinical education due to the looming worry that they may not be able to merely arrange the required clinical rotations to graduate and apply for the Match, creating unforgivable gaps in their education.

    The doctor and her staff at MHC were very professional, organized, and readily available to address my needs. Due to their efforts, I was able to focus on my clinical education without the distraction or worry of finding subsequent rotations or completing in time for the Match. Notably after I matched, MHC completed the Temporary 125 licensing paperwork required for me to begin my residency program.

    I recommend MHC without reservation for their outstanding services.

    H.A., 2013
  • I am currently a PGY1 in a Family Medicine Residency program. I completed all of my clerkships under the coordination of MHC. I was in close contact with the doctor and other staff of MHC who were readily available to me in setting up my clerkships. I was continuously informed of the clerkships available to me and MHC took my interests into consideration when arranging elective rotations. Because I am a Canadian citizen, I required a visa for rotations and MHC guided me through the steps of paperwork and the process. This is a key as moving away from all of your friends and family can be an extremely anxious state.

    There was a lot of paperwork required to be filled out and processed during my application for licensure for residency. This would not have been possible if it was not for the doctor and her staff going out of their way to complete it in time. I am very thankful for all of the help I received.

    P.K., MD; 2013